Puzzle / Story Game, need more helpers

Hello! I will be creating an original game in blender. The premise is you are a youngster at some old persons place, and he’s telling stories about the world, but you have to complete puzzles to hear more.

The puzzles will be based off of this game I made a while ago.


Other mechanics may include:
Un-moveable blocks
2 player mode
A possibility is to have various Events/Names of characters highlight in chat (where the old guy is talking to you) which the player can ‘ask questions’ about, by clicking.
Another possible feature is to have a map, which the old man will use to help tell stories with.

I have multiple stories all ready set-up in SimpleMind files (can easily convert them to PDFs), which I can make the stories with.

What I will need help with:
Visuals (game pieces and board)
UI (main menu, ‘chat’, other things)
Sound (both music, and effects)
Story (Logic proofing (does it make sense/ any holes), dialogue between player and old-man)
Other random things