PY Scan object into .py textfile

Is it possible to make a PY script, that “scans” whatever is selected in the viewport. Object by Object. And take all it properties and shapes and save it into the text editor.

Like a generator or cloning device python script hehe :smiley:

Let’s imagine a user creating a female head, and wants to store it as a PY script, so you could go anytime, “create female head”

or male torso.

or a custom human bone rig. etc.

is it possible?

Campbell allegedly got pickle working for blender data types which should be able to do this.

Don’t ask me how though…

@aermartin, you can do this for instance… (one object for the example), this dumps rna values to a script but it wont save mesh data for re-generation, for that youll need a script which deals mesh meshes and verts especially for the case you want.

import bpy

data = bpy.context.object
data_str = "bpy.context.object"

for attr in sorted(dir(data)):
    if attr.startswith("_"):
    value = getattr(data, attr, Ellipsis)
    if value is not Ellipsis:

        # can it be set at all?
            setattr(data, attr, value)
            value_error = attr + " is readonly"
            value = Ellipsis

        if value is not Ellipsis:
            # can it be converted from a string?
                value = eval(repr(value))
                value_error = ""
                value = Ellipsis
                value_error = repr(value)

        if value is Ellipsis and value_error:
            print("# %s.%s = %s # can't be set!" % (data_str, attr, repr(value)))
            print("%s.%s = %s" % (data_str, attr, repr(value)))

this script avoids any specific type checking, just uses a stupid try/except approach

Ah to bad about the geo, it was the very thing I wanted to save into a script file …