pyblend-animidi - python script for midi animation

This is a script I’ve been busy with for a few weeks, it is intended to be a fully working clone of how the original animusic with 3ds (supposedly, according to me) worked. It is still a standalone script, but I am working on getting it as a plugin to blender.

a simple render I made to test functionality:

code is on github:

I’ll have the project files uploaded somewhere soon, if anyone wants to check the workflow I had.

Please let me know what you guys think, or if you have any tips / suggestions for taking this forward!

Has this been made into a plugin yet?? I’m really interested in using this. How did you get the drumset/balls to work?

In my case, I would just know how to get started with midi in Blender.

Would you be so kind to make just a very simple demo? One that just shows the essentials.

I can then build the rest myself.

If you do, many thanks!