Pygame and Blender 2.40

Hi there

Has anyone tried to get Pygame working with Blender 2.40?

On windows 2000 I have the following installed

Python 2.3 and 2.4

if I type ‘import pygame’ this works with Blender 2.7a but gives the following error with 2.40

Import Error: No module name pygame

any suggestions?

thanks in advance

I Dont Bother with blender 2.40 when ever I downlaod it and use pythons in the game engine it dose not work for me I think that part of blender 2.40 game engine is broken or somthing -.- But It dose not really matter to me I use blender 2.37b :smiley:


fobsta. I have not tried it. I did not even know you could use pygames in the blender game engine. That would make a nice combination because then you would have access to the SDL library. Contact me and lets see if we can get together on a project. I must warn you though that I am not the BEST coder or 3D artist. But coding makes more sense to me then artistic persuits and I need something to work on in both areas.

I only need to use a limited set of the Game Engines functions for my demo game no armatures etc. So up until now 2.40 is ok for my current project

SHABA1 - I don’t think you could every use Pygame for sprites etc in Blender. But you could for playing sound effects and music (especially .ogg and MP3). If your programming skills are upto it maybe you can find out why it’s not working with 2.4. Have a look at this link


Has anyone tried pygame in Blender 2.41 yet? I have successfully used it in 2.37, but I can’t get it to work in the newest release.

Tried pygame in blender 2.41, basically copy/pasting this thing’s code directly into the script window in blender (including doing all the other stuff to get it working).

Basically it’ll make a new python window thingy and start running pygame…
Pardon my french as I’m just on a script kiddy level at the moment.