Hey guys:

Quick question- Is it necessary to download PyGame, or does it come with Blender? I notice you can type up scripts in Blender, so… is that it, or is Pygame different.

Im sorta lost. And if you do DL pygame, how does it work with blender?

Thanks in advanced-


PyGame is not included with blender and is not needed to run most scripts. However it is good for some advanced features. The scripts in blender are in python, the scripting language that pygame is based on so all you need to download to run the scripts is python.
I think blender might come with some basic python already but im not sure. You are better off downloading python than not. As for downloading pygame, I dont see why you shouldnt. Just look in the pygame documentation to see what it can do in blender.

Ok, got em’ both. Im just going to play around with some blender games I have DLed for now. Thanks man.