Pyhton File Placement

Hello Everyone

I got the idigo python export scrip, and i cant seem to make blender find it. I placed the file into the Python23 file in the blender directory on my computer, but it cant find it from within blender.

I found the same problem before when i was trying to get a modeling tool to work, but i couldnt find the python script from within blender.

I know there is a “Update Menus” button at the top of the python script, but that hasnt done anything for me.

To boil it down, i cant get the pyhton scrips i found off the web to be found by blender. Any ideas why or how i can fix it?

The Storm


You placed the file into another file?

The script should be placed in {blender dir}/.blender/scripts, then run the “update” menus and it should find it.

If that still doesn’t work, you can always just open the script in a text window and run it with alt-p / file-run-python-script.


In the blender program file (looking from explorer’s point of view), there are three files, .blender, plugins and Python23. Is there supposed to be another file called scripts?

What version of Blender are you running? 2.42a is the current version, I see the python23.dll in my Blender 2.37 folder.

The scripts directory/folder is inside/under the .blender directory.

The “blender program file” that you refer to is a directory/folder not a “program file”. The blender program file is the file called “blender.exe”.

I knew what you mean, but you should use the correct terminlogy for files/folders/directories especially when trying to debug something with the file system, as it gets confusing when different terminlogy is used.


ok, got it.

yeah, bad termanology…sorry.
wait, i thought program file is where you place the program, and the program is the actual program, right?

ok, i know, there is no point in getting into a debate. it may end up unhappily.

ok, ill try that.


A file is a single “entity”, whether it’s a “program” file (.exe, .com), “script/batch” (.bat .cmd), or “data” (.doc, .txt, .rtf, .blend … etc etc).

A “program file”, is just a file type that the OS can “execute / run”. In Windows, that’s generally an ‘.exe’ type file, though ‘.com’ files are also executable. (Linux / Unix doesn’t care what the “extension” (the “.xxx” after the file name) is, it uses a different mechanism to decide if a program is executable)

“Where you place the file” is called a “directory” or “folder”. Strictly/ technically, a directory/folder could be classified as a “file” (as opposed to calling it a car or an airplane :), but the general practice is to refer to them as directory/folders.

And “folders” really only became a term when GUI’s (graphical user interfaces), a.k.a. Windows/Mac/X-Windows started being used. Being an old command-line-dos user, I still call them “directories” :slight_smile: