PyNode - Material system for external engines ???


the PyNode for Materials seems to get shape now. I am curious if this system could be used to code nodes being used for lets say create the shader tree for Yafr(a)ray without
using the current exporter script.

the same also applies to indigo or luxrender for example.

could the PyNode than also used to write the values into the xml file which than

would be send to the external engine.

I think to remember that the great work about integrating MentalRay with Blender uses hard coded
nodes. could this be done now with PyNode?

in case of Yaf(a)ray this would mean that the shader you could create in PyNode are only those Yaf(a)ray of course also only could use !

I’m not sure,because I still must take a look,but it seems(I’m not sure)that the L vector variables isn’t esposed to pynode(as isn’t in the shadeinput).Shading in this way isn’t easy,you have to do some trick with the python api.
Or I’m missing something?

mh i tried to contact the dev who did the MentalRay integration but I did not hear from him since a long time. He did something similar but he uses a special Blender build as Yafaray as well.

I should ask Radiance who does the LuxRender engine.

What the MentalRay integrator did was write extra C-code to traverse all nodes and write that out. PyNodes he used to quickly typedef the nodes without the need to write C-code for them.

I don’t think that PyNodes on themselves would be helpful in exporting setups to external apps, but maybe someone creative finds some solution.