Pyramid of stone blocks

Sorry if this is a bit of an easy one for you guys, but I created a scene with rigid bodies breaking and scattering down a temporary (very) low poly kind of… pyramid with a flat top, similar to the Myan pyramids.
I’m happy with the simulation, now I want to create the detailed pyramid for rendering.

I basically just want it to be a series of blocks - but made of old stone.

what’s the best way of starting with cubes and ending up with what look like stone, and having each stone not identical?

You could use Subdivissions on the cubes and than use displacement maps on them. If you use generated noise patterns for the displacement and the cubes are not instances of each other it should look slightly different on every stone. If you are not happy with that you could still use lattice modifiers or so on the stones. You can also overlay a lot of different displacement maps and create big, medium, and small cracks and imperfections with the different maps.

It is difficult to say what’s the right was as I can’t really imagine what you are doing. A lot of tutorials use displacement maps for creating realistic rocks out of simple form. Just google something like: “blender realistic stone” and you will find tonnes of tutorials.

Just sculpt at least 4 different blocks, and bake them to their low poly version. Then you space them with array modifier in that way that you mix them, afterwards, rotate some of the individual blocks to add more variety to your pyramid. Here are some links that should help with your project.

Thanks guys. In the time it took for this post to go live I did play around with the displacement. I started with a cube, bevelled it, subdivided it, then added displacement - some driven by cloud some driven by margrave etc.
the results are ok, not great. I also put bump maps on them using noise or something and used the same noise as the factor in a mix shader so that parts of them look slick (it’s in a kind of stormy scene).
Couldn’t get the results I wanted using the array though, so I ended up making rows of blocks randomly rotated etc and then just duplicated and positioned them to correspond with the original low poly pyramid.

But your replies also pointed me in the direction of some other tips that I should have used - I’ll have to remember them fro future use.