Pyramid (very new to blender)

Hello everyone,

I have done this work after some classes with my brother (who`s teaching blender to me (I’m 8) :slight_smile: ) It’s a pyramid . How do you like it?


I love it! Nice cartoony feel you have going there! Keep it up, you have quite an advantage learning 3d so young. :slight_smile:

Cool! If I tried Blender when I was 8 I would have given up after 2 seconds! lol. Btw cool rocketeer helmet 3dementia.

ah, i started blender at around 8… i didn’t have any tuition, though… and it rather showed in my early screw ups… that looks kinda like something from the new age of empires…

Not bad but the green is killing my eyes!!! Also make some transition between the floor and background.
Definitely like the cartoon-y feel.