Pyramidaze! script

This is a very simple script that adds pyramid over every selected face. Picture tells more than …

… thousand words.

This is actually rewrite of very first blender script I wrote year ago. Maybe not so useful, but it shows how to iterate through all faces of selected object and how to set location etc. So this could be useful for someone just started to learn Blender scripting.

Try it:

If you find some use of that script, then why not post your results here :slight_smile:

I find it to be pretty neat to add detail to some meshes. Sort of like a discombulator variant. Downlaoding now :smiley: thanks for sharing.
EDIT: just read about the lack of GUI :frowning: That would be the next step to take :wink:

whoa! but it works friggin’ kewl! :smiley:


10 char. limit

Sorry, nothing new under the sun, this function already exists in this script :
since November 1999

Ubuntuist - Dont be put off - keep scripting! :slight_smile:
Even if stuffs been made \before, scripting is a great way to explore math and different areas of the Blender API.

On a similar topic, Ton added DupliFaces to blender

jms: Oh, no nothing new. Just practising.

ideasman: Just built from cvs and that Duplifaces thing works nicely! Thanks for pointing that out.

And will keep scripting :slight_smile:

yup, keep on scripting! There’s plenty of room for scripters and the more things get produced for blender, the more powerful it’ll be :smiley: