Pyramids Looter - Released !

Hi everybody,

I have released my video game “Pyramids Looter” (2 years later :wink: on the following website:

The two first levels are finished.
Do not hesitate to test them !

Bye !

In your game 32 bit windows version there is a grey border around the menu screen do not know if its supposed to be there, also the mouse shows in the game stuck on the middle of the screen in full screen mode and windowed mode tried all res settings no change.

When level 1 starts up you are looking at the ceiling, the mouse sensitivity is really high even on low sensitivity settings might just be me though, you are able to spin the camera in a loop feels like there should be a restriction so it does not feel like you are just a floating camera.

even after the rolling boulder has stopped if you touch it you die this is where i stopped will try the game again tomorrow.

I only played level 1 the game looks really nice the art looks amazing and the sounds fit well to the theme of the level.