Pyramids of Giza with perspective

This was just a quick scene I put together, I was just experimenting with perspective, because the way the online doc explains how to do it seemed way more complicated then it had to be… so what do ya think?

Good effort. A long shot of the pyramids, done photographically, would be using a telephoto lens on “infinity” focus which means that everything in the frame is going to be essentially in-focus. The foreground and background pyramids would be only slightly out of focus, if at all. The depth-of-field would not be nearly so short as your image suggests.

Good job, but I agree with the comment about the focus, it makes my eyes go funny. Also, I heard that the pyramids in egypt used to be covered in a shiny white marble, which would have looked absolutely stunning, maybe you could try that.

sundialsvc4: i know this, but thats not what i was going for… i wanted to simulate perspective… i was experimenting… i didnt want to simulate what a photo would look like taken by a state-of-the-art camera…

robdollar: I actually did try that, modeling them in their former glory, but they ended up looking like they were made out of plastic and i didnt like it, so i decided to model them in their present-day state…

The pyramid textures look real well done. I like the background.

does anyone know how i could fuse them to the ground, you know, make it look like theyve been there awhile… they look like they were just placed on top of the sand…

You could subdivide your ground and then:
-use the PET transform tool to sculpt some dunes and heights
-and/or use the Noise button in Edit mode along with a B&W pic that would be its heightfield
-and/or use the Displacement texture chanel along with a B&W pic that would be its heightfield

Hope this helps,

the dof makes them look extremely small.


Maybe try mist for distance rather than zblur. Could even be used to make a sand storm :slight_smile:


yeah the way it is now it looks really small, I think because of the focus. I would say loose the focus and add somethign like a person or tree to make the pyramids look bigger.

they do look like little toys, maybe ill add mist… i actually did try to add a crowd of people next to the first pyramid to make them look bigger, but guess that didnt work :-?

I agree with everyone else that the depth of field effect doesn’t fit. It makes the pyramids look small.

As for things you did well, the lighting is very well done and quite beautiful.