Pyrats, a short animation

I stumbled upon this small pirate themed animation, apparently it’s a student work. It’s very well made, animation is very fluent and charater design and backgrounds are well made. Aprox 12 megs in size.

Pyrats animation.

I wouldn’t have thought that was from a student. Really good. One student alone? Really very good. Looks like cell animations were composited on top of 3D?

From the team info I gathered 5 people, so it wasn’t a solo projetc. There’s some making of stuff in the site as well, I looked at one and it seemes, that it’s cell animation for the characters but the city is 3D.

But none the less, I think this is very professional stuff.

yah a crew of 5 sounds right. Lot of work there. And it looks like they’re leading into the next scene when the clip fades. Has such a strong Disney feel.

Personally I wouldn’t mind of seeing more of that. With that quality and pirates being a sort of a cash cow these days full lenght animation could actually do well.