I’m working on a multiplayer game, and I’ve decided to use Blender for the client(developing in blender is rather fast and easy).
The problem is that my server is written in c++. When the server receives a packet it converts it to a structure.
One major flaw in my plan is the great differences in c++ and python datatypes. The server receives the packet, but can’t read it (understandably).
Pyrex is pretty much python, except it uses c++ datatypes. Does anyone know a way to rig pyrex into the game engine?

Using python in the game engine is not really different to running python scripts normally.
So info you can find from google can be used without having to worry that your running in the game engine.

Your options are to write a C extension, Use Pyrex/cython, or make a C library and access it through ctypes.

Once you have the module importing and accessing the data you need, you can import it from the game engine too.

Thanks for the reply, you confirmed what I was thinking.
Wish me luck on my game. :yes: