pyrhon force actuator problem

python* force actuator problem

hi, Im having a problem, Im trying to learn python, so I decided to make a movement script. The walking/running works as it should, the jumping works as it should, most times. Sometimes it just continues up, like if the force added when you tap space continues. And the same thing happens when you “climb”, touching a plane and holding space.

heres the code:

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
obj = cont.owner
forward = cont.getSensor("forward")
back = cont.getSensor("back")
right = cont.getSensor("right")
left = cont.getSensor("left")
jump = cont.getSensor("jump")
sprint = cont.getSensor("sprint")
touchGround = cont.getSensor("touchGround")
touchNothing = cont.getSensor("touchNothing")
ledge = cont.getSensor('ledge')
climb = cont.getSensor('climb')
Move = cont.getActuator("move")
#sprint speed
SSpeed = 30000
#forward speed
FSpeed = 10000
#default speed
Speed = 6000
LR = 0
FB = 0
up = -10000
if sprint.isPositive():
 FSpeed = SSpeed
 FSpeed = 10000
if touchGround.isPositive():
 if obj['jumpTimer'] > 0.2:
  if jump.isPositive():  
   up = 600000
   obj['jumpTimer'] = 0
if ledge.isPositive():
 if climb.isPositive():
  if not touchGround.isPositive():
   up = 12000
if touchNothing.isPositive():
 if left.isPositive():
  LR = -Speed
 elif right.isPositive():
  LR = Speed
 if back.isPositive():
  FB = -Speed
 elif forward.isPositive():
  FB = FSpeed
 Move.setForce(LR, FB, up, True)
GameLogic.addActiveActuator(Move, True)

anyone know whats wrong?


movement.blend (528 KB)