PySide2 libraries install


I’m looking a way to centralize scripts, addons and modules on Blender.
So far everything works fine using BLENDER_USER_SCRIPTS
This VAR map a folder on server where addons, modules and startup is.
on modules folder we can find PySide2, shiboken2 and other modules.

Everything works, but I have doubts about the PySide2 module, following some PySide2 display I have RunTime error.

So I ask the question if PySide2 should not rather be installed in /opt/blender/2.82/python/lib/python3.7/site-packages

have an idea ?

After trying between local site-package and server modules I don’t see any differences.
So my Runtime problem is not related to the use of PySide2 itself :

RuntimeError: Operator () failed, context is incorrect

for modules like PySide2, should be install in blender local, not overload BLENDER_USER_SCRIPTS