Python 2.4 api docs

Here are python API docs. will keep update weekly.

There are some bugs in the epydoc source Ill report- Sys missing. (Fixed)

  • Cam

cool Cambo!
I was asking the other day on #blenderwiki how to help withPython doc but epydoc is not known to me, so it is a little frightening for me… if you need some help with the docs, please PM me, I’ll be glad to help when I’ll have a little free time.

Thanks! Now we have documentation for the new raytracing functions!

Great… I was just looking for info on the recently added stuff… :slight_smile:

it would be useful to make this a sticky until the docs are officially updated,


While looking for the right spot to submit a correction to the 2.37 Python API docs, I found your post. Looks like the 2.4 docs need the same correction: the Ipo method removeCurve() should be delCurve(), based on testing and inspecting source code. I’m still finding my way around–if you can point me in the right direction that would be great.

what direction?

bug & patch trackers or the bf-python mailing list should do the trick… am tempted just to fix that individual thing now but perhaps you have other fixes too so i dont do it yet


Thanks. I wasn’t sure if bug tracker was appropriate for a doc error like this. I’ve posted it there (#3411). I don’t have any other fixes to report now. I’ve been setting up Ipo curves via Python and sometimes see odd behavior: different results from run to run, and different results after each of repeated calls to recalc(). It acts like it may be a handle problem, possibly related or similar to #1014, but I haven’t been able to make a repeatable example yet. It could just be that I’m screwed up. Things are working well enough that I can do what I need, but I’ll try to investigate further.

Can we get those docs in a zip file, or as a PDF?

By the way, just updated again.

I tried making a PDF but for that you need laytex. and the tetex package is huge and after installation latex wasnt there :confused: goggle gave me no help… so no on that account : )

On the zipfile front
use 7zip to extract if winzip wont.

Here is the script I wrote- PASSWORD obviously isnt my real password :>

cd /
mkdir /blender
cd blender
# make docs
echo "making docs"
cd ./source/blender/python/api2_2x/doc/
cd ./BPY_API

# BZ2
echo "BZipping"
rm blender_py_api.tar.bz2 2> /dev/null
rm blender_py_api.tar 2> /dev/null

tar -cf blender_py_api.tar *.css *.html
bzip2 -9 blender_py_api.tar
wput blender_py_api.tar.bz2 ftp://cpbarton:[email protected]/ideasman/BPY_API/

# Online Docs.
wput *.html ftp://cpbarton:[email protected]/ideasman/BPY_API/
wput *.css ftp://cpbarton:[email protected]/ideasman/BPY_API/

Thanks. I’d do that myself, but I haven’t used linux in a while. If you could upload the tarball to your site and keep it updated as well, I would appreciate it.

Updated again- will update at least once a weeks- have will have CVS access soon so will be able to write some docs too.

Updated with mesh/bone changes