Python 2.5 is out!

…will that mean we will have it with Blender 2.5? Python 2.5 should be faster then 2.4.

Well, it’s funny that you mention it, but the next version of Blender will also be 2.5 :slight_smile:

eeek. lets see if Blender compiles withe 2.5

A few weeks ago I remember looking at their site after no having done so for a while and was surpised that they were in release testing mode. I would have thought that Py2.5 was still a few weeks away


Yay. Blender compiles fine with Python 2.5

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Just tested compiling Blender with Python 2.5
Did a test with my python poly reducer on uv mapped suzanne subsurf 2.
Both compiled with gcc 4.1.1 on linux.

Python 2.5: 24.6sec
Python 2.4.3: 29.4sec (edit mistake was 3.4.3)

Wow! 5 seconds off the run-time.


Worth reading through what the changes are, sets have been improved. 1+1 is reduced to 2 at runtime.
aparently try/except is 30% faster
luckely it seems Blenders Py API works no problems. would be interested to see other benchmarks. depends a lot on what parts of the API the scripts use.

Hi to all!

Would you mind telling me what do I have to write on my windows environment path for Python 2.5 work with Blender ok? When I load Blender it says isn’t finding Python and “continue happily”. My Python v2.4.x was found always by Blender untill I updated to Py2.5. I changed all 2.4.x to 2.5 path related but alas, isn’t loading as before.

Thanks and bye!!!

what build system are you using?


well I’m on Windows XP Home Edition SP2, Python v2.5 and Blender 2.42a (the standard not the optimized one you can get on other places). Nothing more than that. I don’t develope (by the moment but hope on the way to, slowly but on the way)

What I don’t understad is why before I could and now I can’t. For your info I write down here my system path:

Name of variable: PYTHONPATH


youll need to build your own blender spesificly for python 2.5

tried using the “noob” tutorial for python 2.4 - didn’t work… anyways…
any help/ a full tutorial/ steps would be helpful (oh yeah, and I also am getting the same problem - it’s not finding python 2.5)

-any help would be… uh… helpful.


Blender needs to be compiled from source with Python 2.5 spesificly set the the build options