python 2.5

Does it work with blender 2.42 or do i have to get python 2.4? every time i start blender two windows come up. one is blender, and the other is a DOS type screen that says no installed python found.

AFAIK, you don’t -have- to install a full version of Python to use Blender 2.42a unless a Python script you’re using requires it. If you have a script that does require a full Python installation, then you’ll need to install a version of Python that matches whatever version of Python your Blender was compiled with.

i got python 2.5 and it didnt efect all it said in the black window was pythin 2.4 got it…

you need to recompile blender with 2.5 spesificly set. - this means you need to have the 2.5 dev libs as well.

never mind i got 2.4.4