Python 2.6.2 SyntaxErrors for Help File and Exporting Files


I have changed computers and have reinstalled Blender and Python using the latest versions: Blender 2.49a and Python 2.6.2.

When I try to use Blender I am getting a series of errors. For Instance when I attempt to open “any” of the help files I receive the following message or a varient there of. …

Compiled with Python version 2.6.2.
Checing for installed Python… got it!

File “<string>”, line 1
execfile<r’C:\Documents and Settings\Mom’s Office\Application Data\Blender

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

When I attempt to export a file such I get the following message:

Import: 12527 vertices 19327 faces
File"<strung>", line 1
execfile<r’C:\Documents and Settings\Mom’s Office\Application Data\Blender

… NOTE: in every case there is also a carrot directly under the last item in the string which in the example above woud be under "’

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

This happens for all of the export possiblities except for the three listed at the top of the export dropdown menu which are VRML 1.0, DXF and STL.

Appreciate your thoughts on this and any help you can provide.


python went thru some major changes in 2.6, fundamental changes such as changing print from a statment to a function. i’m talking python versions not blender versions here so dont get confused. in 2.5 it was print “whatever”, in 2,6 it’s now print (“whatever”). long intigers and other stuff was dropped. you could rewrie all the scripts but a qucker fix is to download a blender 2.49 version that uses python 2.5 which most scripts are written in, (python 2.5 has been aroud years, and python 2.6 only a few months so there’s alot more 2.5 scripts) and install python 2.5.4 then use the python 2.5 version of blender to import what ever you want imported, save the blend, then just open the blend with the newer blender.

Thanks rdo3 for the input.

Went through and followed your suggestions but regretfully had no success. The same SyntaxErrors as before are showing up in the same spots. So I have now loaded Blender 2.48a and Python 2.5.2 and am again getting the same SyntaxErrors as before. Is there another combination that will/should work, or perhaps, another setting / direction I should go to get this resolved?

Thanks again for the help.

ok it may be with your browser. the some help files just open web pages. i’m not sure how to fix the problem but i can do the next best thing…i can give you links to the same web pages the help files take you to.

blender/python scripting api

help getting started


*rdo3 : Ive been working during the 3 last days on blender 2.49a and python 2.6 and there is no problem with print or anything else. Print will change only in python 3.0

*gsmartin : Ive tested the obj export without problem. Try to install blender from a zipped archive in a folder where you have complete rights. If you are not the administrator of your PC, under windows (or linux too), don’t use the installer (or a package distrib).

ahhhhhhh darn it. you are right jms. i have been opening idle from my 2.6 folder but i just noticed that windows must have reset my file associations to pyton 3.0.1 as the default. trying to explain how not to fall in the trap when i’ve done it myself . talk about feeling…well less than geniouse. sorry for any confusion i may have caused.

(and i noticed it just as i was about to take a screenshot to prove i was right)