Python 3.x

One of the greatest things about Blender is the large community, it’s also one of the things that’s kind of an obstacle. I’ve read in places that Blender 2.6 is on the horizon? I don’t know where I would confirm that.

To the point: Does Python 3.1 work with Blender 2.56? I’ve played around with earlier versions of Python so understand some concepts, but picked up a book that has tutorials and breaks things down. (I can’t tell you how much it put into perspective making the print syntax the same as every other function.)

I’ve read in other forums people with the same basic desire; keep up to date on the latest Python while using Blender. The syntax is just different enough that I’d prefer to keep with 3.1 otherwise I’ll get confused. I’m a terrible programmer because I don’t have an analytical mind.

Now, the reason I brought up 2.6 (replace with whatever version might be coming out if I’m wrong) is I’m wondering if anyone knows if it will be 3.1 compatible. Should I try messing around with hacks or simply be patient? Are there any plans to upgrade and if there’s some obvious place for these sort of announcements would someone be so kind to point me towards it and not kick me too hard for missing it?

Anyway, as I always, I appreciate everyone here and thank you for taking the time to look into this query.


chances are blender 2.57 will be python 3.2 even, it will be bundled with the installer so no faffing around or conflicts with other python installs you might have in your system. (definitely not python 2.6, this was abandoned at the start of blender 2.5x, in favour of py3.1 - something you can tell by looking at the first line of the blender python console )

The 2.5x series comes packaged with Python 3.1 (and as said above, maybe soon Python 3.2). This is one of the main reasons that the Blender download has nearly doubled in size (to a tiny size of about 20Mb)

It used to be necessary (2.4x series) to download Python separately and it was annoying having different Python installations to go with different Blender releases, but as zeffii says, no more conflicts. :slight_smile:

The next official release should be Blender 2.57 pretty soon (maybe a couple of weeks). From there, new features that have been delayed should be added on the way to a 2.6 release.


There are many places for information about features such as the news site.

Official information can be found in the release logs


Blender 2.57 uses Python 3.2. A release candidate is available here (it will soon be rc1):

Assuming there are no problems with major bugs it won’t be long before it is release.

rc0 is a little buggy :frowning:

Yes very much so wont be long before rc1 though and that should fix most of the clangers. (hopefully) :slight_smile:

@FunkyWyrm, thanks for those links!

Is rc1 and rc0 the new naming system? I’m not sure I follow on that point.

Thanks all!

The RC in RC0 and RC1 just means release candidate. A build of blender that the devs consider to be good enough to release to the general populous. But before they do they let some people test it. There can be multiple release candidates. After the RC stages comes the full release.