Python again

(kEinStein) #1


Sorry, but I’ve got yet another question… Or two… Is it possible to obtain the direction vector of an object in python? Has someone a complete documentation of the python & game engine API? The docus I have seem rather incomplete to me…

(Ben) #2

import GameLogic
cont =GameLogic.getCurrentController()

orientatin is the direction
The documentation for the GameEngine can be found at

(kEinStein) #3

D’oh! :-? . o O ( Shall I bang my head against the wall?!) Hehe! Thanks! I’m a dumbass!

That one I have. But it doesn’t seem totally complete. And it isn’t really good commented…

(Ben) #4

-Yes,it’true but you have to possibilities to know more.First importing modules and exploring with “print dir(module)” and the second (the most important) ,this forum.