python and addobject actuator created objects.

I would like to create an array of objects based on a single mesh using the addobject actuator. I see it’s possible to give the addobject created objects initial velocity. Is it possible to set their dLoc and dRot as well? How about scale?

My guess is I attach a script to the original mesh that will be duplicated and somehow the pointers acquired by the script during execution will point at the object created by the addobject actuator and not the original mesh. Is this correct?

Put the following logic bricks on your object to be added: an always sensor with pulse on attached to a motion actuator to set the dRot and dLoc and an IPO actuator that plays a size IPO you created.

I ended up not even needing any logic bricks on my object. Instead, I just moved the spawn point before I activated the addobject actuator. Thanks for pointing me the right direction though! :slight_smile: