Python and Animating Armatures?

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I’m new to Blender but I have some CAD and computer programming experience with various languages. I used to program a lot in assembly and Visual Basic 6.0 years ago. I’m just now learning to write programs using C# and that’s going along pretty well.

Now that Blender has caught my interest I’m hearing a lot about Python since Blender seems to be compatible with Python.

What I would like to know is what can you do with Python in Blender?

Can you animate with Python? Can you control Armature drivers and other objects in Blender scenes using Python? Is that the main use of it?

I’m setting up to model and create a few characters in Blender that I would ultimately like to make into a movie. I’d like to know ahead of time how Python fits into the animation picture so that I can create armature systems that will be easy to manipulate with Python (if indeed that’s even possible).

So any light you can shed on this would be much appreciated. Also if you can point to any good Python Tutorials or books that would get me up to speed quick that would be great too.

Thanks for any comments.

If you are new to Blender, then I’d say don’t worry about Python at all quite yet. Spend some time playing with Blender. Focus on simple image and animation projects first. The more time you spend understanding Blender from a user’s point of view, the better a Python programmer you will be.

As for what Python can do in Blender, hit Control-Alt-U and click the Add-Ons tab. That should give you some idea.

If you REALLY want to learn Python right now, go here.

Here’s some examples…

Thanks to Thomas Larsson…

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Thanks for the link. That’s precisely the kind of information I was looking for.

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I want to really thank you again for the link to Thomas Larsson’s PDF file. That is one beautiful piece of work! That’s precisely what I was looking for. That work alone will answer all my questions concerning Python and Armature Animation in Blender plus a whole lot more. I’m totally new to Blender and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of modeling or animation yet, but just the same, I like to get the “Big Picture” before I dig in.

I find that it’s well worth the effort to get a really good overview of what’s possible and plan out a project accordingly before starting.

Starting this thread was well worth it just for that one link alone! So thank you very much for that!