python and animation

i was jut wondeirng if it is possible to animate objects useing python,

whats i mean is to insert a function, and as teh timeline progresses, the rotation (for example) is affected using this equation (ex: rotz=3t wher rot is the rotation around the z axis and t is the time in the time line) (not actual equation)

** is it possible to make an ipo curve using a mathematic equation???

also, hopw would the code/interface look like?

i greatly appreciate any help whats-so-ever

thank you in advace


Yes, by using pydrivers.

Select object.
Go to the ipo editor and bring up the transform panel (NKEY).
Select the RotZ curve from the side.
Click ‘Add Driver’ button
Click the green button with the snake on it
Type the following in the text box beside the snake:


That should do it :slight_smile:

Oh, and by the way, here’s the link to the wiki-page about PyDrivers


hmm… pydrivers are neat, but for more flexibility you could actuallymake a full script… at go download>>documentation, there’s a section on python.