Python and Blender 2.5 API features


It seems that with the current API, python is not able to do vertex painting.

Where can we beg to blender developers to implement this in Blender 2.5??! Because it would be really useful


First of all, i don’t know who to talk to. Second of all, from my understanding the python API in blender 2.5 will be rewritten giving the API much more control over just about everything. So I’m guessing vertex painting would be included in the new API.

And third of all, all development you do now will break when 2.5 is released.

Sure it is!

import Blender
from Blender.Mathutils import Rand
import bpy

def paintMeARainbow(me):
    if not me.vertexColors:
        me.vertexColors = True
    for f in me.faces:
        for i in xrange(len(f)):
            f.col[i].r = int(255*Rand(0, 1))
            f.col[i].g = int(255*Rand(0, 1))
            f.col[i].b = int(255*Rand(0, 1))
scn =
ob =
me = ob.getData(mesh = True)


Where can we beg to blender developers to implement this in Blender 2.5??! Because it would be really useful

It’ll be there, along with a bunch of other yummy things we can’t currently do. Most of the API is auto-wrapped so there won’t be much (if anything) you won’t be able to do with python.

Thanks forTe!

Just one thing. What’s auto-wrapped? And why does that achieve better flexibility?


It just means that instead of the API being manually maintained as it has been in the past, the majority of it will be automatically/programmatically created and exposed. That means if a new feature is added to the core Blender set then it will also be exposed via python, or that’s the long-term goal/hope at least- to increase maintainability and decrease bugs/quirks/missing features.

is it worth to work right now on new scripts that are long and complicated

or will it be difficult to transfer this to the 2.5 API
and represent too much work to do now
and it’s better to wait till the new 2.5 API comes out?


Something which is NOT implemented in a single API function needs to be implemented otherwise! Waiting for the perfect API is useless. The perfect API will turn developers into simple users… There will be even more functions NOT implemented even after 20 new versions of current API, therefore, NO waiting is rational :wink: Unless, somebody wants to be ONLY a simple user :rolleyes:

Remember that even that ‘BAD’ and ‘INSUFFICIENT’ API that we have now is made by the small set of Python commands and integrated standard functions, right? Soooo… EVERYTHING is possible!!! Restrictions come ONLY from lack of ideas, imagination and desire to work over a problem! :spin: