Python and Curves, Is it possible?

(asdf_46) #1

Is there controll for point or handle level manupulation on curves like meshes? For a project I am working on it would be greatly helpfull if I coul use a script to bend a curve (spring). I know that NMesh works for meshes, but is there anything for curves? [email protected]

(theeth) #2

No, there’s no access to curve data in the Blender API (well, somehow, the structure is already there for IPO curve, but it was never transfered to the curve object). Sadly.


(asdf_46) #3

That is too bad. I guess I will just have to come up with some other way of doing it. Thanks for the help. Is there anywhere I can get the documention on the latest python implemtation? asdf_46

(theeth) #4

For Blender 2.23 or Publisher 2.25?

If you want some easy documentation, just browse the docstrings of the module. Docstrings are the doc properties of objects.