Python and properties

This sounds like a dumb question to ask but i surprisingly couldn’t find a single video on it, so how do you use a game property with python?? i was trying this line of code here:

own.text = [Name]

. [Name] is supposed to be the property. everything else works but the property, so could someone tell me what’s wrong?

are you trying to assign a text object text from the owner property?..if so…

this is how to access the properties.


and this is assigning that property to a text.

textObject.text = own[‘property’]

if the text object is a child object to the owner you need to first know what index it is, that is, is it the first, second, third child of this object etc…

own.children[0].text = own[‘property’] # this is the first child since python is zero index based like most languages

I hope this is clear, if not…could you be more specific with what you are trying to do precisely?