python and X3D import and export?

Could Python be used to develop import and export of XML forms of X3D models?
and is there any interest in this? It would I believe enhance Blender’s use
if models in web standard forms could be exchanged among users.

It seems that VRML 2 has been upgraded
to VRML 3 and renamed X3D. It also has an XML form. All of this
has been ISO standardized. There is a X3D website, and all the specifications are
on the web at for example:
A major player is Don Brutzman and he has a simple tutorial at:

So I guess I should modify my software to use this format. The question then
remains whether the Blender community is interested in using this
standard for communicating graphical models and for using the semantic web.

What I would like is for Blender to be able to import and export models in
the XML form of X3D. This could possibly be achieved using a Python script.

Any comments?

Alan Bond

i think u should see this link

its not open, but i think its identical to what u r talking about.