Python and Yaf-a-ray won't work

I just joined,and I’m still a noob at blender.No matter what I do,when I start Blender It says “No Python found”,it’s the same story with Yaf-a-ray.I select “Yafray” from rendering engine, but it just stays black.

Blender is awesome by the way :smiley:

Edit:Is this the right section?..

may be

go to the user preference window

and set the path top the python folder

and make certain you have the right python for yafaray
which ios nopt the same than the versin for blender
as indicated in their website

and it will works fine


Do you have Python installed ?
You need to have Python 2.5.2 (though 2.5.4 is ok too I believe) for Yafaray.

If you have installed Yafaray do not use the Yafray render button on the Blender Render panel, it is for Yafray. Use this one:-

Wow! 2 replys already…
Yes Python 2.5.4 works.I fought that I had to have 3.1.
Where’s the Yaf-a-ray button I can’t find it.

go at the top of the screen you ahve a button called render
click on this and selelct the last one which is for YAFARAY …

and you’ll get a new window at the bottom for yafaray


Installing addons shoudn’t be so hard.I tried that but it says "This app. has failed to start bacause QtGui4.dill was not found.Re-installing the app. mat ix ths problem."But I re-installed Yaf-a-ray and it didnt help.

You need the second installer from the yafaray download page as well:
-> Qt Libraries.

Nope.I tried the download on
The fhirst one,the Windows 32 bits one…right?

Nope.I tried that…
The fhirst one,the Windows 32 bits one,right?

Did you try reinstalling QtLibs ?

Have you read the installation guide ?

Yes, but then there is a problem with your installation. If you did it properly, the QtGui4.dll must be in Blender’s executable path. If not, you need to reinstall the Qt libs, as organic stated. Or try to manually copy the missing file into Blender’s Directory.

Sorry for waiting so long…my internet was down for some reason.
So I installed the Qt libraries,and get this…It actually worked!
Thanks for the help :slight_smile: