python animation of armature

Hi all.

I’ve been researching this problem for a while and I thought maybe if I alter my approach a bit maybe I’ll have better luck.
My original goal is to write python code to manipulate an armature. I’m thinking maybe the pose module in the python API is the way to go, but have not been able to find some examples to get me started. So if anyone has that, I’d be extremely grateful.
A new approach I just thought of was to use python to create an IPO. I think its IPO. When I did the character animation tutorial from blender we manually inserted keys for different frames. So if my animation was called ‘fist’ for example (I’m working with a hand model). at frame 5 I’d bend the pointer finger, frame 15, the middle finger, etc etc until all fingers at the end were enclosed in a fist, where the initial point was a flattenned hand.
I’m trying to create something dynamic, where I won;t know ahead of time which finger needs to bend and how much it should bend. I’m thinking dynamically creating one of these animations might work.
If anyone has any suggestions regarding what I’ve posted I’d be much obliged.
Thank you and have a ab fab day !
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Using the pose structure is fairly quick, but it’s also somewhat limited; you can only place new keyframes on whole frames and you have no control over interpolation. On the plus side, usually you’ll need neither of those.
Using IPOs gives a bit more control, but has some weird downsides; in particular the seperate parts of the rotation quaternion all have their own curve, even though individually these have absolutely no meaning.
For an example of how to set the state of a bone using the pose, have a look at the that came with Blender. Do a search for “insertkey”; don’t pay too much attention to the comments.

Well I have finally made some progress !
In a search for using the pose module (which I suspected was capable of at least doing part of what I want) I came across:
Thats when I realized I did not have that right window open when I was testing the pose module.
Going back to:
I was able to finally se an armature move the way I wanted to … sweet !
One other question: How can I dynamically call the animation from python instead of using the window and moving the bar ?
Thanks and how nice it is to see some action man !