[Python] Animation of planets

Hi everybody (first post on blenderartits wouuu ! :))

I just have a big project for my school (calculating the planet’s movement)

And I wanted to show it on blender.

So I will have the python “function” that the planets should follow, but the thing is I don’t know a clue about python, is it possible to make a mesh follow a function that you made ?


PS: I don’t know if I post in the good topic, maybe it would be in python one…

Do you really have to use Python?:stuck_out_tongue: that can be done easily by making the planets follow paths with different velocities, according to their original velocities

thx for reply…

No I can’t do that because the path, need to be calculate… I want to show the “exact movement” of the planet…

You really need it to be pinpoint exact? No one will see the difference if the earth takes 365 days instead of 365.25 days to go around the sun=P You can make, for example, 1 day = 1 frame and then go from there. It will be very realistic, no one will se the difference=P

Wait till you have to deal with the concept of how large AUs really are.:stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree with starplayer that you most likely wouldn’t need absolutely exact motion. If you insist on that anyway, you could try to use the “one-line Python expression as Driver” option on the ipo’s as a start. Here you can also enter formula’s I believe, though I don’t have much experience with it myself…