PYTHON AnisotropicFiltering vs OPTIONS Anti-Aliasing

Is PYTHON_Function render.setAnisotropicFiltering() the same as GAME_OPTIONS Anti-Aliasing (?)

If not -
What is the difference (?)

AF can be set AA can’t

but if you use upbge you need to look in to their documentation, i believe they added the option for AA.

First of all. Thx for the fast response’s.
2nd of all. What does render.setAnisotropicFiltering() even do then if it isn’t ANTI-ALIASING (?)
P.S I already know what ANTI-ALIASING is of course. :wink:

look at my launcher’s movie, you can see what it does there.
basically it sharpens the image at distance

Another question I have is -
Is there a way for render.setMipmapping() to be set individually PER-SCENE (?)

GAME_SCENE has render.setAnisotropicFiltering(2) for good texturing.
HUD_SCENE has render.setAnisotropicFiltering(0) for pixel perfect icons.

i don’t believe so, thought its engine based and not scene based.
but you can try to run 2 scripts 1 each scene and see if that works

I have already tried 2 scripts repeatedly.
Doesn’t work because HUD init always overrides GAME’s init process.


@Cotaks [2]
Sorry if I’m nagging but I have a 2nd question.

what second question?


[ 2nd QUESTION ] :arrow_up:
How to get this working.

I do not see a question, i see an answer. (that also answers your #2 question)

well i guess…not, if it isn’t working then it won’t work.
can tell you to use libload but that will have the same effect i guess, due to it’s an engine setting not a scene setting.

It isn’t working.
That is why I am asking. :wink:

So you want better text?

as text object?
set the .resolution higher with python for example:

var = text['blabla']
var.resolution = 5

if you want bitmap text, look it up there are at least 3 methods(in resource section) to use a texture as text.

Text_Resolution isn’t a problem ever since I started using BLF_MOUDLE.

It’s blurry ICONS that are the problem.
If I do


I get good looking HUD ICONS but HORRIBLE looking textures in GAME and vice-versa if I do



How do you make icons? plane with a texture?
what are your hud camera settings? same as the level scene?
for hud do you use ortho view camera?

i personally never encountered this problem, bit strange

I make ICONS by texturing a PLANE_OBJECT.

Just CAMERA set to ORTHO with 16 distance.


I have repeatedly found that in other REAL games ICONS aren’t blurry for me.
I’m currently working on BGL texturing to see if that fixes it (probably will :wink:)

Like I said I above, when I do render.setMipmapping(0) it makes the HUD textures look fine. But the GAME textures are now set to that too (hence, HORRIBLE MIPMAPPING :grin:)

Hi all

Should I make a separate thread for the 2nd question (?) :thinking: