Python API change

First things first:
Blender is the BOMB. Can’t afford Maya or Houdini or SoftImage or Lightwave, and I may not need them. I’m a 3D newbie and forsee a life as a Blender Junkee :smiley: .

I am trying to get the ver. 1.1 script to work with Blender 2.31a (non-raytracing one, have installed both ray and non-ray). I often get this error in my Python 2.2.3 console window:

Starting Up... 
Found 57 samples 
Traceback (most recent call last): 
  File "", line 247, in RVHandleButton 
  File "", line 945, in RVLoadFile 
    RVReadBVH (theFile,event) 
  File "", line 522, in RVReadBVH 
    RVApplyOffsets (bvhData) 
  File "", line 345, in RVApplyOffsets 
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'BezTriple' 

I’v opened the default.blend file and default_done.blend file with the same results. Ultimately I’m trying to take models and UVs exported from Poser (OBJ or 3DS ?) and produce realistic character movements in Blender. Does anyone know what my problem or solution might be. I don’t know what other information I could provide that may help anyone understand my delima.

I originally posted this at and have since found topics here about the Python API for Blender going through it’s changes. I have tried changing BezTriple to BezierPoint in the script and that still doesn’t seem to work. Does anyone know how I can modify the script to work.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advanced.

You’ll have to use an older version like 2.25 or even 2.23. Unless someone recodes the script to fit the new API.


or Blender 2.27…

but not the version marked as newPy

Thanks all.

I got it to work in version 2.26. :smiley:

How much different is the new API? Would converting this script to the new API take much? Is the new API going to be covered in the new 2.3 manual? Will Dr. Tad Winslow come out of his coma on It Never Ends(Brought to you by Duff Lite)? [!]

look here

i tried to work out thenew ipo api a while ago but never could figure it out, if you do manage to get it working could you drop me a line? thanks

Did some tests, and they returns strange results:
here when i try to create and append a new beztriple at xy (0.0,0.0)

when i mucked around with them, i got some weird stuff as well, some points that couldnt be moved or deleted and such.

has anyone gotten ipos working under the new api?