Python API Docs from CVS

Changed ISP’s updated the doc build+upload script
Blender Python API
Game Engine API

How about use this thread to request examples/changes in the docs… Ill try to add them in an re-upload docs

Heres the script, youll need wput, xxxxx is where the password go’s


FTP = 

# make docs
echo "making docs"
cd ./source/blender/python/api2_2x/doc/
rm *.pyc
cd ./BPY_API

# Text replace can remove this
replace="The Blender Python API Reference"
with="The Blender Python API Reference:  Built "$d

sed -i "s/$replace/$with/" index.html
sed -i "s/$replace/$with/" API_intro-module.html
# Finished text replace.

# tar -cf blender_py_api.tar *.css *.html
# bzip2 -9 blender_py_api.tar

# Upload Online Docs.
wput *.html ftp://cjbarton:[email protected]/BPY_API/
wput *.css ftp://cjbarton:[email protected]/BPY_API/

# Now the game docs
cd ./source/gameengine/PyDoc
epydoc -o BPY_GE --url "" -t \
    -n "Blender GameEngine" --no-private --no-frames \
    `ls *.py`

cd ./BPY_GE

wput *.html ftp://cjbarton:[email protected]/BPY_GE/
wput *.css ftp://cjbarton:[email protected]/BPY_GE/

Cool, thank you!

[sorry I haven’t tested CVS build of Blender - I’m still using 2.42 version ; so maybe my comment is false).

There is a small ‘trap’ in the vertices/edges/faces sequences (MVertSeq etc…). When the .delete() method of a sequence is used, elements of this sequence can be reordered (I presume that Blender doesn’t keep holes in the arrays) —> so it’s ‘dangerous’ to use .delete() inside of an algorithm : the best is to use it a the end (it’s not only a performance problem).

Maybe it would be a good tip, for beginners not to waste their time with odd bugs (like me :)).