[python API] NMesh.GetRawFromRender(object_name)

Python API
I am currently trying to add a new function to the NMesh module : GetRawFromRender(object_name) .

The aim : to get the geometry which is modified by displacement mapping, or added by particules strand and ‘dupliverted’ or ‘dupliframed’ object . These data are not available by the display list of the object and the GetRawFromObject() ignores all of them .

A test can be done with this win32 compilation :
An example file can be downloaded from this url :

Thank you jms,really interesting

Hi jms
Thank you wary much it is incredible :o . I was looking for this to export particles (grass, hair etc.). And now I am also able to export displaced meshes like water surfaces. :smiley:
There are two things that shut by fix. First after running the script for displacement I have to go into edit mod and remove doubles to by able to smooth the mesh, secant it takes wary long to convert particles into mesh.
Keep up this good work 8)


this function returns rendered subsurf too and all modifiers’ states .

No comment from export script writers ?
Any chance to have a patch soon ?