Python Armature Acces

Its been a while and so i hope to refresh my memories.
My searches couldnt find any result or have been flooded with other things. so…

How do i get to the “inner” walker bones and stuff?
How to get the blue things?

edit: ofc all this is needed for ingame

(i tried with .children … but it only gives me the childs of the armature, not the bones…)

Greets Equal[ name or index ].bones[ name or index]

I can use the BPY in the BGE?

Not in exported runtimes as far as I know.

Well, then it looks like your solution wont help me, anyway thx.
(edited to clear things)

You can also directly use the channels by getting the armature object, then referring to armature.channels. See Monster’s links to find out more about them.

As always very helpful.
@Monster, i “flied” over your guide, its cool but i couldnt find channel’s there. Also used Search function and it didnt showed my anything. If i missed it, could you point me to the pagenr?

Back to the Problem, its solved, the “channels” are absoutly what i have been looking for!

Edit: Got new Problem… i cant move the bone around like i want :frowning:

Sorry I though I mentioned it somewhere there.

Channels are the single animations within an action (e.g. the animation for the head bone).
The channel name must match the bone name and match the vertex group name:

Bone Name => Channel Name => Vertex Group Name