Python based LOD

This is a simplistic basic LOD for setting mesh detail, as well as a property in the object

object[‘LOD’] , this is nice for logic control schemes etc, however it will be irrelevant once 2.75 hits

as you will be able to look up the LOD level using the python api…

there is one issue however this solves that I am not sure if the current LOD can do,

that is move the center of the lod calculations independently of the active camera,

this allows you to zoom in, and move the LOD center out to where you are looking,

and increase detail on those objects.

Feel free to propose better coding styles etc.


LODTestWithAddedObjectExampleAndRemoveTolerance.blend (632 KB)

I got this however i don’t understand the controls, i just see that some cubes are red etc … although it will go obsolete i can think of a good use for a game, cheers

D1 = LOD distance 1

Mesh1 = Mesh that will be LOD level 1

(in Logic properties in the object)