Python Basics Tutorial Series

Hello everyone!

I’m back with a new series aimed at those who want to start out with Python scripting in the BGE, because as far as I can see from my own experience, that’s the hardest thing to do for a beginner. :slight_smile: The first two tutorials are more introductory than anything else. The third is where the fun starts.

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Here we go:

Daher, thanks for the tutorials.

I suggest to use the module mode rather than the script mode. It is far more flexible and gives beginners a better start for the future.

Nethertheless script mode is possible.


Hello Monster. :slight_smile: I didn’t start with module mode because I wanted to start with the simplest I could, and then move on to more advanced topics. I’m also experimenting with module mode myself at this point in time. While I’m not having any problems with it, I didn’t want to teach people how to use it before I was sure I know enough about it.