Python bindings for new particles?

Greetings fellow Code Monkeys :slight_smile:

Just wondering if anybodies heard if there’s any Python bindings with maybe dev comments or documents for the new particles system in the next release? I’m developing the MOSAIC RenderMan exporter and tying to decide if I should start debugging and re-integrating to the new release or wait until all new features are available in Python.
Also does anybody knows where I can maybe find a reference or blog for what changes are currently being made in Blender’s Python API so I know what to look for in the future?

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I’m replying to bring this post back up.
As far as I see Effects is broken but is still in the doc.

By doing introspection on object instances one sees that
A/ there are methods for accessing the particles on an object eg getParticleSystems()
B/there is some access to the properties of a system
C/ none of this is documented.

of course this conforms with Blender standard procedure

You probably want to check out . It’s all there.

Hey guys,

I posted this a while back before anybody decided to add Cedric Paille’s new particles patch to the API, MOSAIC does now support the new Particles module (Cedric contacted me directly on this).

Many thanks anyway though :slight_smile:


I hit on your post googling as when I hit on the Effects module
in the API doc I couldn’t figure why it didn’t work. I missed a
couple of Blender releases 2.44-2.47

Sure I figured out the Particle api but just by doing introspection
on a mesh. The fact that a mesh object still has a .effects property
is (kind of) strange as it is always == [].

There’re some things that don’t make any sense too in the doc:

Get draw type Particle.DRAWAS([ ‘NONE’ | ‘OBJECT’ | ‘POINT’ | … ]).

Does this mean that Particle.DRAWAS is a method?

Anyhow I managed to figure out enough to make this

I still can’t figure out how/if I can set the draw as Ob: field
so I had to do that in the GUI, but I suppose if you are exporting
there is enough in the API to get by :slight_smile:

I can’t figure out where the name of the group is being held in a particle system?

If the particle type is a group, where do I fetch the name of the group, or the list of objects in that group?

duplicateObject is always None when the visualization type is a group.