Python Blender game speedometer...looking for quick turn around $50 bucks paypal


You will create a simple 2.65 blend file (must be made in 2.65 to avoid execution of your code being problemematic on our files)

part A:

1, A cube, a large plane with a simple texture, a camera parented to cube and a hemi light so we can see the scene.

2, Use logic bricks to give the cube left, right, straight motion. WASD

3, Use python to create a “speeding up” effect, where the w key is depressed and the cube begins to move along y axis slowly then quicker then quicker then level off at top speed. If key is released the cube does not stop abruptly but rather slows to a stop.

Please keep all work on one blender screen and not on many scenes as it will be used to transfer your work to the current game we are working on. We need a fully transparent “cheat file” that can be easily understood and used to apply to our game blend file.

part B:

use python and logic bricks to create a digital speedometer.

1, create transparent plane and add a .targa font image - parent font plane to cube so it can be viewed during motion.
2, connect your python script that gets velocity (so when the blend file is played in run time it shows the cube is being clocked on the digital speedometer) when cube slows the speedometer reduces (as expected)

part C:
Do exactly the same for altitude. Although your cube doesnt fly, our model does so we need same for altitude.

part D:


Obviously the file you make is not the important part. What is important to us is that we can see the speedometer and altitude meter working and then transfer your good work to our own existing game files.

This is the actual thing we are paying for, A, demonstrating the functionality and crucially B, you giving support should there be any questions implementing the code and logic bricks you had created, for us to implement into our game.

Providing it works as expected in your 2.65 blend file then there should be absolutely no problem my designer copying your work into our files.

Questions and clarifications regarding above brief will be promptly answered.

Payment is flexible, if you do not feel it is enough.
However, payment is made strictly AFTER we have seen the blend and implemented it on our game files.

Once it works fine in our game files, your payment will be sent immediately.

(If you’re untrusting, please don’t respond)

Please no tyre kickers or people trying to learn python by wasting others time. If you say you can do it no problem, I will take that on face value. If you take too long (should be 2 hours work for any python boffin) or you fail to follow what was explained above, we cannot and will not pay. We want a quick and functioning solution without any compromises. We also expect prompt email responses should we turn into road blocks.

Ideally, I would want someone to just whip up the above brief on the fly and contact me AFTER they have accomplished the task as described above and simply send me the blend file with a note saying that they are ready to answer any questions regarding implementing.

As soon as it works on our file, you will be paid.

This would be my ideal response to this post.

If we find somebody we can work with there will be more reasonable work coming their way.

Contact me on the forum at first and later we can communicate email.

(solved) thanks to all.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

This seems more like deferred pay…

Nope, there’s been nothing deferred to it.