Python/Blender help please?

I’m new to all this, and NOT computer literate! I had downloaded Blender 2.4.9 and Python 2.5 something… and it was working just fine. As late as last night it was working wonderfully well! Then, this morning I tried to do what I had been doing and it said no Python found… so, I deleted everything and redownloaded everything, and now it get the happy go lucky “python … got it!” message, but when I import my wavefront.obj it says, “script error… check console”… OMG! Please please help me get this straightened out… and remember… I’m am not computer literate, and that is an understatement!!! Please walk me thru step by step by step!!!
Literally, my knowledge of computers is…

Step 1: Hit that little button and the computer turns on!
Step 2: double click the little picture and it’ll take me to that file/what-have-you
Step 3: If anything goes wrong… hit that little button and the computer turns off!!! :smiley:

I’ve been happily - until this morning - baking shadows on my Sims 3 meshes using Blender… and now, wellllll… not so happy! Thank you for any help!

Step 1: check console
Step 2: copy error message
Step 3: paste error message in forum ‘compose message’ box
Step 4: click ‘Post Message’ button
Step 5: ???
Step 6: Profit

Uncle Entity… thank you for your reply…

  1. check
  2. check
  3. Here ya go:

  1. clicking now! :smiley:

Looks like a problem with the .obj file.