Python Bounty

Mark Shuttleworth is offering a bounty to people for programming in certain areas. About halfway down on his page he is offering a bounty for Python integration into opensource apps. On of those open source apps is Blender. The people currently working on Python for Blender might be able to get paid to continue and improve their work. Sounds pretty nice. Check it out.

I really am surprised that none of the coders have replied to this, the dude is obviously loaded, get your proposals out!

hehe, if you all knew…this guy were actually at the Blender Conference -03 , so we didnt miss him at all :wink:

I even spoke to him but never knew who he actually was…but now we know… :slight_smile:

so, we didnt miss him at all!!! :smiley:


If he was at the conference, he must be really interested in Blender.

Ton should use some of his patented charm on Mark and get some funds in if he can :wink:

Wow, what a great oportunity! Is anyone planning on taking advantage of this?

well ild like to take advantage of it, but then i would be ridculed and outcasted in the same manner cubefan was :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: