Python bphys exporter --> size and times

I wrote a python exporter, that writes particle systems and saves them as bphys files.
It works, I can enter positions, rotations and things like that in the script, export it and then load it as mesh cache of a particle system.
However, I am trying to write the size but when I load the particle system it doesnt recognize the size.
I also read on the internet and in the pointcache.c file that bphys takes the value of “times”.
What is this “times” supposed to do?

I have so far worked mainly with the pointcache.c file from the blender source to gather information as well as the following link:

Can anybody help me with this?

Hmmm… it appears that size and time is not included in particles unless you turn on boids which opens a whole new can of worms.
It is weird, if I write a bphys file with my exporter and write it (imo) exactly the same as a bphys file saved with a boids particle system I get really weird results.
The value that is supposed to be the forth Quaterinion value influences rotation AND size at the same time.
The value that is supposed to be size acording to the documentation influences the health of the boid.

Does nobody at all know how the bphys format works?
From doing internet reasearch and looking up stack exchange threads and similar things it looks like that quite a bunch of people have tried to write exporters for other programs such as Houdini but didn´t get very far. Nobody appears to quite understand bphys.

This is really too bad because it would be a great and realtively easy way to vastly improve the pipeline between Blender and other 3D programs.