Python camera. Please help


I’ve set up the scene of the script myself.

The file: Camera test is the one I found…
The file: Camera script is my own.

Can someone please tell me why it doesn’t work… I’ve been searching for 2 hours straight and can’t find it.

Thanks a lot

Ps: don’t mind the cube attached to the camera, it was just for testing.


Camera script.blend (143 KB)Camera test.blend (906 KB)

hi gamemaster,

Your script is set up to rotate the empty “camera_rot_leftRight”.

But there isn’t anything parented to it to be rotated.

Same thing with the “Camera_pivot”.

You don’t say how you want it to work but one setup would be to parent the “Camera Parent” to Camera_pivot". Parent “Camera_pivot” to “Main_character”. Parent “Main_character” to “camera_rot_leftRight”.


How I wan’t it was in the Camera test file. Which works just fine.

Btw, I did what u said and it works, but not the way I want it. How ever it has been very usefull so thanks :slight_smile:

Ow, and I already figured out how to do it correct, so thanks a lot man ^^