Python Coder for addons

Hi all,

I’m looking for Python Devs for Blender to help me with a few addons. The work WILL be paid for through sales of the addons. I have 4 that need a recode, and features adding, the 3 smaller ones will be 10% of sales, and the biggest one will be 20% of sales. This will equate to around $3 a sale for the smaller ones and $10 a sale for the larger one. Please bear in mind, that 15% of each sale goes toward the blender market and a further 3% is donated on all of my products to the Blender org team.

I know this sounds like one of those “I promise I’ll pay when I get paid” things, BUT, I have collectively made over 1500 sales in the last 12 months, which is roughly £1300 a month in sales. Some months have been higher, but I consistently have sales and will show any prospective person wanting to work with me these sales reports and Beldner marker payouts.

I literally need someone to take all of my assets and build the code to put them a nice easy user interface. Experience is required, but I WILL NOT decline your offer for work based on length of experience. I care more about the quality of your work than how long you have been doing it!

Please get in touch with me here if you would like to work with me.

All work will be done with proper contracts and invoices for tax purposes, what you do with your earnings is up to you, but I have to file the correct paperwork. You will receive a lump-sum payment upon completion of each project within 14 days of completion, and then you will receive residual profits from sales. Ideally, it would be best if you are already a creator on the market, so that you will get your profits paid automatically by them. If not, I will pay via PayPal (PayPal will charge fees, so would be ideal to sign up as a creator, where all fees will be charged to me and not you)

Kind regards, and thanks for looking.


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I would be interested working with you. Right now I’m working on two larger python project too that I might release soon.

Please pm me for further details on your project.



I’m interested in working with you. Here’s some of add-on i’ve developed :
I’m not sure if you still need developers but if you, please pm me for details.