Python coder needed for BGE project to do piece work.

I am looking for a coder to tackle several issues my project is facing. I will pay up to $100 per job, I have 3-4 jobs I would like to get done. The first job is to code a script that uses pointInsideFrustum to spawn objects. The script will be attached to an empty, whose worldPosition will be used in the pointInsideFrustum parameter. It has to be coded so that it can be attached to any empty and the worldPosition is set in the parameter accordingly. After you have accomplished this, the script will determine which points are within the frustum and spawn an object at that point, or end objects that are outside the frustum. This script will need to be fully commented explaining the important bits in detail and the rest in less detail. It also needs to be easy to customize which object is spawned. There will be other little bits to add as it is developed, so be ready to take instruction. I will pay the full $100 for this job. Take a look at this pseudo code for an idea of what I want to accomplish;

<b>from</b> <b>bge</b> <b>import</b> logic
cont = logic.getCurrentController()
cam = cont.owner

<i># Test point [variable for empty coordinates]</i>
<b>if</b> (cam.pointInsideFrustum([#variable for empty coodinates#])):
  <i># add object code here</i>
  <i># end object code here</i>

I have made a tentative selection for this job, it will be marked solved until the next job.

sent u an pm.

I have made a tentative selection for the first job.

I dont want to be a negitive person, but from what I see you could do this with LOD, culling etc, and it would use Native code, which is much faster.

The nice tbing about your system is the empties that you could have a property in, and libLoad the data into based on the property, but that could be hard to preview.