Python command line script - GPU enable and plugins enable/disable

Hi there

Because I got a second PC to help with rendering, I am starting to scratch the command line / python configuration options. I managed to do a bash script that can transport a file from one station to the other, but there are a couple of things I don’t know how to do:

  • first one is how to enable / disable GPU rendering. The first machine is an older Xeon that doesn’t have CUDA-enabled GPU. But the new machine has a Geforce card inside, and I would like to use it. So, is there any way I can specify from a command-line executed script whether to use the GPU or not? I have seen that the command line option is still on the ‘to-do’ list :frowning:

  • second one is how to enable/disable plugins from the command line or python script. I tried using factory-startup, but yafaray stops working as well and it’s not helpful


Thank you.

Tried it, doesn’t work. I also tried forcing the rendering engine from command line. But the problem seems to be that factory-startup disables all plugins, including yafaray :frowning:

i have no yafray setup, i can only prove the switch from
cycles render
does work and creates the named pictures for the frames.
Why do you use the --startup switch? This is to create a first working default environment…
and last, what about starting the addons with the commandline --addons switch?
(if you need it…)

After a long time and some additional digging I managed to get around the issue. You were right, I didn’t need to use the --startup switch, and now I am just saving the file with the correct rendering engine selected, and put it on the other machine.

Thank you for your answer - it really helped :slight_smile: