Python CONFUSION!!!!!

When you download the latest version of Blender - you are directed to the Python web page to down load Python…???

BUT WITCH ONE??? Blender does not explain what the Python process is for.

I have gone to their site, and do not know what Python belongs to Blender. I am presented with options:

Gzipped source tar ball (2.6.4) (sig)
Bzipped source tar ball (2.6.4) (sig)
Windows x86 MSI Installer (2.6.4) (sig)
Windows AMD64 MSI Installer (2.6.4) (sig)

I have no idea what these are or what does what - or if i need all of them, or why i need them???

THIS IS VERY CONFUSING - and the Blender book I bought does not explain any of this!!!

All I want is Blender to work properly, so that I can import and export files to my other programes.

Does anyone know what the hell Python I am supposed to have and where it is supposed to go???

When Blender opens you should see a console that says “Compiled with python version x.x”, x.x being a version number. This is the version you should download from the python website. About the different files you linked to - the first two are the source code for the Python compiler and so forth. You probably want to download the pre-compiled Python, and the last two files there are installers to do that. You need to install one of those two (assuming you have Windows). The file “Windows AMD64 MSI Installer (2.6.4) (sig)” will only work if you have a 64 bit version of windows though.