python convert?

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hey i read some wear that games run faster if u use python for all the stuff instead of logic bricks. is there a web page where it shows how to do this? i tried and it didn’t have anything like that. anybody know where else it is?

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Saluk has written a great tutorial about how to use python scripts.
Try this link:
Hope this helps! :wink:

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Hey there DUCK, there is a good reference to get you started. In the “Reference to Blender’s real-time 3d engine” which is available at the blender foundation site, for members only right now, in PDF format, it has many of the python methods for logic brick commands, if your not a member I dont know where you could get it, but yes there is documentation on what you are asking about. I am in the process of replacing logic bricks with python in one of my games, but even with the documentation, it is very difficult, but possible, for us non python people.

The NDN…

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thanks for the reference. by the way my name is a type animal. can u guesse what it is? oh and my 50th post! wo ho